Introduction to National Penghu University of Science and Technology

The National Penghu University of Science and Technology  is located at the beautiful Penghu County of Taiwan at the main island Magong City. Penghu is famous for its beautiful islands and beaches. NPU is a university of 3000 students and 174 faculties, and is composed of Ocean Resource Engineering School, Tourism and Leisure School, Humanity and Management School, and Common Education Committee. Air travel from Taipei and Kaohsiung is within one hour flight time with one-way airfare less than US$100. Tuition per semester is the lowest among all public university in Taiwan, and there are many financial aid and work study opportunities, both in and out of campus. NPU students have many extracurriculum activities related to sea. NPU offers dormitory to all freshman students at NT$9000 (~US$300) per semester. Job opportunities in Taiwan after graduation is highly possible.



The Department of Electrical Engineering is the largest department of National Penghu University of Science and Technology. Currently it is composed of regular 4-year university program of Electrical Engineering, Graduate  Institute of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and 5-Year Program of Electrical Engineering.

The 4-year university program of Electrical Engineering accepts students from ordinary high school or professional high school through university entrance exmination or recommendation application. Tuition is about NT$14327 (~US$477) per semester, fee is about NT$9164 (~US$305) per semester, and combined is NT$23491 (~US$783) per semester. Extra credit is at NT$914 (~US$30.4) per credit. The students are given a bachelor degreee when they graduate.

The 5-Year Program of Electrical Engineering accepts students from junior high school or professional junior high school, and they are equivalent to sophomore student in 4-year university program when graduate. For the first three year, tuition is about NT$8430 (~US$281) per semester, fee is about NT$6951 (~US$232), and combined is NT$15381 (~US$513) per semester. For the remaining two years, tuition is NT$11811 (~US$394) per semester, fee is NT$8604 (~US$287), and combined is NT$20415 (~US$681) per semester. Extra credit is at NT$1350 (~US$45) per credit. After graduation, they can choose to continue further education in the 4-year program as a junior student if qualified, or seek work directly. One of the credential for graduation is the possession of certain certificate from the department of labor on special areas.

The Graduate  Institute of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science accepts students from 4-year university program, and they are awarded a master of science degree when graduate. The tuition is NT$11839 (~US$395) per semester, and extra credit is at NT$1500 (~US$30) per credit.

Major course directions of NPU EE department includes industrial control and green energy.

Research directions diversify with each professors, please refer to the "Faculty" page.

Course offered please referred to the "Curriculum" page.

Currently, there are 7 tenured professors, 6 project assistant professors, and 1 project lecturer.


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